Picked On or Poked Toward Greatness

If you know me then you know I walk the tightrope of being labeled a jerk because sometimes people feel picked on when in essence I am poking them in the direction toward their greatness. While I know that it’s human nature to make mistakes and miss out on the “softer” ways to poke, I also believe that it’s also about understanding one’s intention.

The next time you feel picked on, take a moment to ask.

  • Why is he/she sharing this?
  • What outcome is he/she hoping for?
  • What emotions am I experiencing?
  • Do his/her intentions align with his/her core values?
  • Is there an outcome, response, or lack of response that will hurt his/her feelings?
  • Is this sharing in the service of connection?

No more lecturing from me. 😉

2nd Annual Open House

If any of you have ever had to sell a house in the past 5-years then I am sure you can attach to this idea. For me, I tried to sell my Scottsdale home and my Chicago homes without much success. Maybe it’s my inability to pick the right realtor or it’s the market or both.

No matter what, I experienced a 2nd annual open house. What does that mean? It means that I had to do a few things different than I did with the first open house. Things like new landscaping, de-cluttering and maybe a few coats of fresh paint. Oh and a price change!!!  But to no avail, none of those things worked. Even a realtor change didn’t work.

So what’s the point I am trying to make. If a 2nd annual open house doesn’t work, get ready for a third annual. In business, we learn then we try, we learn then we try and then we try again.

Go out there and try again, whatever it is.

Addicts Can Dabble

The word addiction is relative. Each of us have a reaction to the word and some of us have a visceral reaction with chemical roots. For me, it depends on the topic presented with the word.

  • Addicted to House Music (HELL YES)
  • Addicted to Drugs (HELL NO)
  • Addicted to Alcohol (DEPENDS IF IT’S HENNESSY)

The word dabble is also relative. To dabble may mean to try and quit or try again.

If you have an addiction then know your dabble boundaries. If you don’t, dabble away. Life is short!

What is an anniversary?

I haven’t been an anniversary guy. For those who know me, I have never been married or had any children. So the idea of looking back or looking forward to a special day hasn’t happened much for me.

With that being said, I am now looking at what it really means to celebrate an anniversary. Is it a made up excuse to drink? Or is it a reason to look forward to being happy? I think it might be a little bit of both.

To all of those who look forward to anniversaries, go celebrate them. And if you don’t have one, then create one!

So happy July 7th to all of you anniversary celebrators. If it’s one day, 1 month, or one year, be as happy as you can be and act as if it were 100-year anniversary.

7 hours of uninterrupted time

Is anyone good enough to block out 7 hours of uninterrupted time?

With so many distractions in the world, is it ever possible for the entrepreneur and shiny object watcher to really be that focused?

I know there is a study or two or even three that says we as humans are not designed to be that focused for that long and yet unfortunately the world expects that of us.

The beauty of expectations are that if they aren’t our own then we shouldn’t own them. Get to know you. Get to know how long you can truly be bizarrely focused. And then get focused. FYI – I only have 25 – 35 minutes at a time of bizarre focus. And please don’t say squirrel or I will be done in two minutes.